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The Highest Skyscraper • The Iconic Landmark
K11 Guangzhou • Revolutionizing Shopping Experience
Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre


1_thumbAs the tallest high-rise landmark in Guangzhou CBD, Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre is embraced by luxury hotels and serviced apartments
Scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2016, Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre forms the final piece of the CBD masterplan and is the only high-end mixed-use commercial project in the heart of Zhujiang New Town. A 530-metre ultra-high-rise landmark in Guangzhou CBD – the tallest in the city up till now, the project is designed by renowned architect firm and comprised of an art mall which combines the core elements of Art • People • Nature, international managed hotel and serviced apartments and currently, one of the largest Grade A office building in the region. With a total site area and GFA of over 26,000sqm and 500,000sqm respectively, the project comprises of over 1,700 car parking spaces and is situated in the crossing of Subway Line 3, Line 5 and APM Line, and surrounded by 40 Grade A office buildings and 6 five to six stars hotels and luxury serviced apartments, as well as embraced by five city cultural landmarks in a neighbourhood of foreign consulates, famous foreign enterprises, luxury residential complex and chambers of commerce.

K11 Office Guangzhou • Revolutionizing contemporary office space

2_thumbK11 Office Guangzhou is anticipated to house the largest number of Fortune 500 companies.Dubbed as the current largest Grade A office area in Guangzhou, K11 office occupies over 220,000sqm from floor 7 to 66, and is divided into 4 zones spreading over 53 storeys with floor plate area ranging from 3,500 to 3,600sqm.
Cutting-edge architecture, combined with innovative amenities and exciting art that has been specially commissioned for the building, K11 office features a 5,000sqm clubhouse K11 Club & Academy – currently the largest in the region – and a sky lobby overseeing spectacular views of the Guangzhou CBD. The building is also managed by a team of Hong Kong professionals with strong experience in integrated commercial projects to provide the finest property management services, making K11 a true world-class office destination for an ultimate innovative experience.
With the largest numbers of Fortune 500 corporations anticipated to be stationed in the coming years, K11 Office Guangzhou is surely a hub of global elites.

K11 Art Mall • A theatrical experience of art & commerce

3_thumbLocated in the core district of Guangdong Provincial administrative, economic and cultural hub, Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre is situated in a neighbourhood of foreign consulates, foreign enterprises, international hotels and serviced apartments.A global high-end lifestyle brand operator under New World Group, K11 is the world’s first original brand to pioneer the blend of three essential elements of Art • People • Nature. International, originality and innovation – the brand of K11 that denotes, complement with the characteristics of the community of Tianhe CBD. The concept of Banyan tree has been incorporated in the architectural characteristic of K11, bridging a connection of the rich culture of southern China.
With a total retail area of 70,000sqm which spreads over 10 storeys, Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre houses Guangzhou K11, an Art Mall offers a wide range of high end retail with international luxury brands and renowned designer labels, dining, art and entertainment options, including a 4,000sqm cinema with 8 screening rooms, and a 3,000sqm international fine food market for the most discerning gourmets.
K11 Art Mall features a duplex luxury anchor store with 16m-tall façade comes with an outdoor area; a 30m Atrium with glass roof top and duplex shops along main access in L1 & L2; alfresco dining with spectacular views over Guangzhou Central Park; exclusive six-star VIP services and lounges for Klub 11 members; and an urban farming offering shoppers an indoor farming experience in the heart of CBD. Guangzhou K11 promises to revolutionize the conventional shopping practices to an imaginative journey of experience.
Moreover, K11 Guangzhou offers a dedicated art playground where exciting art exhibitions and events will be showcased all year round; complemented with a Sky Stage – an overhanging ‘Tree House’ which provides platform for sensational performances and events.

K11 • Multi-cultural Hub in the Community

4_thumbK11 provides platform for local and international artists to exchange creative ideas.Art transcends borders and so does K11. K11 aims to build a rapport between the local and the international art communities by providing a platform for local artists and art lovers to connect with the international art scene and encourage free flow of ideas across countries and cultures. We ‘Revitalize’, ‘Retransform’ and ‘Recreate’ the local art culture and way of life of the community surrounding the hubs located in the heart of cities to create multicultural living districts. With the advent of K11 at the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, the resources of the Guangzhou Tienhe CBD community will be integrated through collaboration with local artists and cultural organization, in which the unique lifestyle concept of Art • People • Nature will be radiated to the entire Guangzhou city.